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O Boticario, NativaSPa Body Oil Ginseng & Caffeine 200ml

O Boticario, NativaSPa Body Oil Ginseng & Caffeine 200ml

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With Nativa Spa Ginseng and Caffeine, it relieves the discomfort caused by swelling for firm and toned skin!

With an enveloping scent, the exclusive formula of Body Oil makes the skin firmer and tighter.

With Quinoa Oil and Ginseng & Caffeine Extract, this line is ideal for those who are uncomfortable with the discomfort caused by swelling. There is nothing better than taking the time to take care of ourselves, so take advantage of the self-care moment for a massage with Nativa SPA Ginseng and Caffeine Moisturizing Oil.

Self Massage with Ginseng & Caffeine Oil:

Step 1: Movements around the navel
Step 2: Squeeze-like movements
Step 3: Waist movements

Body Oil has several benefits for your self-care routine:

Improves skin firmness and texture;
Easy to apply and rinse out;
Hydrates and nourishes deeply;
Refreshing feeling;
89% natural ingredients.

Fragrance Family: Woody Spicy

How to use: Spread the oil all over the body daily and massage vigorously for one minute. Then rinse.

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