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O Boticario, Nativa Spa Massage Cream Black Orchid, 200g

O Boticario, Nativa Spa Massage Cream Black Orchid, 200g

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The Nativa Spa Orquídea Noire Massage Cream transforms your night into a moment of complete care, with hydrated skin, a striking fragrance and an explosion of sensuality.

The secret of the fragrance lies in the sensuality that Orquídea Noire carries. An iconic and mysterious flower whose woody, exotic and sensual floral aroma lasts all night long so your skin wakes up scented.

Check out the benefits you will have while you sleep:

  • Consistent and easy-to-apply texture
  • Does not leave skin sticky or oily
  • Nutritious
  • Leaves a feeling of relaxation and warmth
  • Woody, exotic and sensual floral fragrance

Contains exclusive Quinoa Oil, which repairs the skin's skin barrier, keeping it hydrated and nourished during sleep
How to use: Spread the cream over the body, massaging until completely absorbed. Use daily before bed.

About Orquídea Noire

Ideal for nighttime care, Nativa SPA Orquídea Noire brings an explosion of sensuality in this modern reinterpretation of the Orquídea, an iconic flower, which delivers an exotic and sensual woody floral fragrance. Without forgetting the already known and appreciated Quinoa Oil, a powerful care that acts on the skin providing prolonged hydration while you sleep.

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