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O Boticario, modeling cream for curly hair 290ml

O Boticario, modeling cream for curly hair 290ml

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Curly hair needs special care. For this reason, the Match line has developed the Matching Curling Cream with Respect to Curls, to shape curls for up to 72 hours with malleability and flexibility. They are loose and naturally shaped!

The cream also provides instant shine with no wet effect to your hair, thermal protection and anti-frizz, all without drying out the strands as it is free of sulfate, parabens, petrolatum and insoluble silicones which are difficult to remove. It works both on damp hair, right after a shower, and on the day after, to reactivate curls with dry hair.

The formula has an intelligent memory, that is, it contains moisturizers and active stylers that, combined and in contact with the strands, activate and reactivate the curls, providing more definition and long-lasting modeling. It is also enriched with vegetable collagen, which strengthens and retains water in the hair, unifies the cuticle and restores hair elasticity, and with shea butter, which has a very emollient action that treats and prevents dryness, leaving hair silky smooth, nourished, soft, aligned and with reduced porosity.

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