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O Boticario , Matizadora Match hairmask for blond hair protection, 250g

O Boticario , Matizadora Match hairmask for blond hair protection, 250g

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The Matizadora Match Hair Mask Blonde Protection is the product that cannot be missing from the hair care routine of anyone with blonde hair!

With UV Filter and Arginine, the mask has violet pigments that untie the threads in the 1st application, in addition to repairing the damage caused by discoloration and deeply nourishing the threads.

The tinting mask for blonde hair was formulated with powerful actives and has an expert formula that gives the perfect match with your hair! It is still ideal to add to your hair schedule, check out the benefits:

· Unties the wires in the 1st application;

· Immediate repair of damage caused by discoloration;

· Restores ideal softness from root to tip;

· Penetrates and deeply nourishes the hair fiber;

· Immediate and progressive tinting action;

· Fragrance that leaves the hair super smelling.


Discolored hair requires specific care. Match. Blonde Protection, with UV filter and Arginine, preserves 100% of the strand strength during the discoloration process*, replenishes nutrients for a healthy blonde. The line also promotes a gloss effect, which is a radiant and shiny finish, 6x smoother and restored ends**.

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