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o Boticario Malbec Gold Eau de Toilette 100ml

o Boticario Malbec Gold Eau de Toilette 100ml

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Malbec Gold is born from the combination of a new technology and the tradition of Malbec's wine alcohol to create an intense and striking scent.

GoldSense has been developed by O Boticário and is a unique technology specially developed for the new Malbec line. Combined GoldSense with wine alcohol, which brings the unique sensation that only the Malbec line has to create Malbec Gold, a scent consisting of fruity tones, rustic wood and leather, able to enhance the natural appeal.

The olfactory pyramid is a combination of spicy and citrus tones with freshness and masculinity. The orange blossom in the heart is surrounded by robust wood that, together with the exclusive accord, brings an aura of sensuality and power. Finally, the leather-tone complex brings masculinity and power into the deep tones.

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