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O Boticário, Love Lily EDP 75 ml

O Boticário, Love Lily EDP 75 ml

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Lily brings scents that appreciate the richness and classical tradition of perfume, obtained by the extinct and colorful technique of the lily flower. The Love Lily Eau de Parfum combines the refinement of the lily with the exclusivity of grand rose, perfect alchemy that yields a unique and special rose obtained through the interaction of essential essential oils from France, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The pink floral scent of Love Lily Eau de Parfum brings personality. The starting tones are freesia, neroli and bergamot. Accompanied by the lily and the large rose, the heart contains firbest peony and jasmine petals, while the base ends with amber, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

In addition to its current shape, the bottle has a safety clip lid with a delicate accessory that represents the lily. This beautiful accessory can for example be removed and worn as a pendant on a chain.

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