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o Boticario, Elysee Satin Body cream 250 gram

o Boticario, Elysee Satin Body cream 250 gram

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Unique texture and intense hydration

The Elysée Hydrating Satin Cream has a unique creamy texture with the striking and feminine fragrance of Elysée Eau de Parfum. With high moisturizing power, the satin cream forms a protective film on the skin, leaving a soft and silky touch that prevents dryness caused by the sun or the cold, dry climate.

Hydrating the skin for up to 48 hours, the Satin Cream spreads easily while perfuming the skin without leaving an oily touch. In a luxurious glass bottle, the Elysée Satin Hydrating Cream is the ideal option for those seeking sophistication and intense hydration with a unique touch in a single product.

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