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o Boticario, Egeo Man Bomb Black Desodorant EDT 90ml

o Boticario, Egeo Man Bomb Black Desodorant EDT 90ml

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Amazing things can happen with Egeo Bomb Black Deodorant EDT. This young and exciting masculine fragrance from Fougère Gourmand sharpens the senses and evokes new sensations. Perfect for those who want to surprise!

The perfect combination of leather and caramel notes is enhanced with Sugar Booster Caramel technology, which gives the fragrance strength and intensity.

Egeo EDT Bomb Black is the perfect fragrance to have fun and enjoy the moments. Another way to take advantage of the possibilities, without genres and labels, as if there is no tomorrow. Egeo Bomb Black is an irresistible combination, an intense and surprising eau deodorant to cause the unexpected.

Fragrance family: Fougère Gourman

Application advice
For good results, choose pulsating application areas, such as the wrist, behind the ear and spray your Egeo Bomb Black Deodorant Cologne. One tip is not to rub your wrists together, so as not to lose the power of the fragrance.

Olfactory Pyramid

Top: artemisia, mint, lemon, leaf green, bergamot, apple Body: muguet, cedar, leather, immortelle, moss Bottom: patchouli, sandalwood, tiramison, vanilla, musk, caramel, amber, sugar enhancer

No product from the Boticário Group has been tested on animals.

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