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O Boticario, nativaSPA Shampoo Detox Matcha, 300 ml

O Boticario, nativaSPA Shampoo Detox Matcha, 300 ml

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With matcha extract and quinoa protein, Nativa SPA Detox Matcha Shampoo promotes detox effect and eliminates accumulated residues throughout the day without drying out, leaving hair light and healthy.

The detox shampoo also reduces and controls the oiliness of the threads and scalp, ensuring a refreshing sensation. Your hair will stay clean and nourished for longer!

The product can be used by men and women, and in any type of hair. With its detox technology, the Nativa SPA Matcha Shampoo helps to reduce the oiliness of the threads and the scalp, becoming a recommended product for oily hair.

The Match line has matcha extract, an ingredient rich in polyphenols and with high antioxidant power that purifies and protects the skin and hair from everyday impurities.

To complement your experience and boost your results, get to know the entire Nativa SPA Matcha line.

It is ideal for gifting on special dates!


Detox effect that purifies, protects and gives lightness to the strands - ideal for all hair types, especially oily ones.

Controls oiliness and eliminates residues without drying out.

Vegan formula with 91.7% natural ingredients.

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