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O Boticario , Match Post-Chemical Serum Sos Cauterization 50ml

O Boticario , Match Post-Chemical Serum Sos Cauterization 50ml

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Match SOS Cauterização is a line developed for very damaged hair, submitted to several chemical processes, which recovers the hair and renews the hair fiber.

When the hair undergoes a chemical procedure, such as straightening, coloring or discoloration, the structure of the hair strands is damaged and the excess of this leaves the hair dry, fragile and lackluster. Match SOS Cauterização repairs chemically damaged hair with high performance ingredients and immediate effect.

The line has Biomimetic Keratin, a vegetable active that brings an innovative concept of keratin replacement in the hair strands. Biomimetic Keratin helps to regenerate the hair fiber, returning the necessary nutrients for the recovery of damaged hair.

The Post-Chemistry Serum offers several benefits to help with capillary cauterization:
• Forms a waterproofing film;
• Protects against breakage during brushing;
• Controls frizz and volume for 48 hours;
• UV protection and thermal protection up to 230º;
• Daily use.

With Match SOS Cauterização say yes to changing looks, without fear. A line that will regain the hair's strength, softness and natural movement. All this without weighing your hair down!

You change, Match SOS repairs.

The Match SOS Cauterization Post-Chemistry Serum and the combined use of all the line's products in the hair care routine act to repair damaged hair from the 1st application.

Fragrance: Woody Floral – Luxury and sophistication

How to use: After using the Match SOS Cauterização line completely, apply the serum along the length and ends of the hair, avoiding the roots. Use it on damp hair to protect it from blow-dryer damage or use it on dry hair. Daily use.

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