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O Boticario , Malbec Club Anti-Fall Hair Tonic 100ml

O Boticario , Malbec Club Anti-Fall Hair Tonic 100ml

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Bring back your confidence!

Malbec Club Anti-Hair Loss Hair Tonic is ideal for men with hair loss, as it reduces hair loss and thickens the strands, increasing hair density.

Its formula has powerful actives such as BaicapilTM* that minimize hair loss, in addition to leaving them deeply toned. Malbec male hair loss tonic brings benefits such as:

4X less fall;
Stimulates and fortifies the root;
Extends the life of wires;
Hair loss treatment is even more efficient when using the full line.

With daily and prolonged use, it recovers the vitality of your hair!

A complete treatment line developed with advanced technology to treat baldness and hair thinning problems. Formulas with powerful ingredients that stimulate hair growth, increase the density of strands and reduce hair loss, leaving them with a much healthier appearance.

The active is a mixture of potent ingredients that promote protection against oxidative damage, activate the cells of the bulb and make it stronger.

How to use: With damp or dry hair, apply the toner directly to the scalp, massage and let it act. Do not rinse. To guarantee the results, use the Malbec Club Antiqueda line daily.

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